Clean the level of the invaders with your balls and missiles!

Colobri is an old-school arcade game that mixes Space Invaders, Breakout and Puzzle Bobble. Bounce the ball and collect the falling bonuses.

The game has been originally made in ~48h for #PAJGameJam (july 2018) with PICO-8 by one person (game jam version is 1.0.1). The goal was to create a new gameplay from three old ones.


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Hey! I really like this game. Have you considered posting it on the PICO-8 BBS? I think the PICO-8 community will like it.

Thank you. I will post it on the BBS soon (I'm working on an update for after the jam) :-)


Your game is really a great mix of the good, old game mechanics of its retro role models! :) I had a good time with it and played it until the eleventh or twelfth level before I stopped. The only small criticism on my part is that some of the power-ups (like the growth of the ball or the paddle) eventually become irrelevant, because neither the ball nor the paddle have grown or shrunk again in the progress of the game. But all in all, this is a great jam game, so I recommended it in one of our compilation articles about the POT-AU-JEU jam. <3 A little bit of gameplay can be seen in the accompanying video. :D Keep it up!

Best wishes,


Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it!

About the bonus items becoming useless after a while; I'm aware of that, in fact I already fixed the problem (and did a lot of little improvements), the update will be available as soon as the jam ends. :-)

Lastly, thank you for the featuring in your article and video, it means a lot!


Très belle réalisation, c'était un plaisir d'y jouer :)

Bon travail !


Je me suis bien amusé :). J'aime bien le mélange, le tout est équilibré et les bonus très sympa. La réalisation artistique est au top (graphismes et musique).

Merci beaucoup!


J'aime bien l'idée


Beaucoup aimer le melange des 3 jeux ! Micro probleme de collision, mais cela n'as pas enlever au fun du jeu !

Collision problem:

  • La balle est rester bloquer sous la bar
  • Quand la balle etait grosse, il semblerait que la collision se faisait avec le center de la balle et non sa bounding box

Merci de votre retour. Je viens de publier une mise à jour de dernière minute qui résout les problèmes que vous m'avez décrit.


Très bon jeux sans bug 

Merci beaucoup!